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What Is a Certificate for Digital Signature?

An online DSC or ID is another term for a digital signature certificate. To digitally sign official documents, the authority needs to hold a valid digital certificate. A digital certificate will be issued by a certificate authority. Online DSC applications and purchases are both available from independent certificate authorities. Many organisations, governments, and companies can also release their own certifications. A digital certificate is necessary in order to use a digital signature. Digital certificates make it possible to use digital signatures.

To identify and confirm the identity of those who hold and use this signature, a digital signature certificate is employed. It can also be utilised as a safe digital key.

To create the signatures, digital signatures employ public key encryptions. The digital signature certificate will also contain the name of the user, the pin code email address, the date the certificate was issued, and the name of the certifying authority.

The digital signature certificate is used to identify and verify the identity of individuals holding and using this signature. It is also used like a secure digital key.

Public key encryptions are used in digital signatures to produce the signatures. Along with the user's name, other information including the pin code email address, the date on which the certificate issued and the name of the certifying authority will be included in the digital signature certificate.

Basic Type of DSC Certificates

Sign DSC: With sign DSC, just document signing is allowed. The most popular use of PDF file signing is on websites like tax return, MCA, and others. The integrity of the signer and the data are both guaranteed when using DSC. It serves as proof that the data is authentic and undamaged.

Encrypted digital signature certificates are frequently used to secure documents. It helps companies that focus on uploading their documents by being used in tender portals to encrypt documents.

The certificate could potentially be used to send sensitive, encrypted data. DSC encryption is appropriate for use in legal documents, e-commerce documents, and distributing documents containing highly confidential information. The encrypt certificate exists independently.

Encrypt DSC: The Sign & Encrypt DSC allows for both signing and encrypting. It is suitable for users who want to maintain the confidentiality of shared information and authenticate it. It is utilised to send government applications and forms.

Benefits of Online DSC Signature Registration

  • Authenticity: When conducting business online, authentication is helpful for confirming that a person's personal information is accurate, and DSC offers higher authenticity.

  • Saving money and time:Digitally signing PDF files and sending them is much faster than physically signing paper copies of documents and emailing them out. The physical presence of a holder of a digital signature certificate is not required for the transaction of any authorised business.

  • Data integrity: : Data that has been digitally signed is safe and secure because signed documents cannot be modified or updated. Government agencies frequently request these certifications in order to confirm and cross-check the business transaction.

  • Improved document authenticity:In most cases, a digitally signed document gives the recipient more confidence that the signer is who they say they are.
  • If they take action based on such documents, they won't have to worry about them being faked.

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

This particular sort of digital signature certificate is utilised in particular for submitting tenders and filing electronic documents. As the Indian government promotes "Digital India," the demand for digital signatures is constantly increasing. Among other things, the filing of income tax returns, EPFO, PF, GST, and e-procurement are examples of where it is used. The cost of a class 3 DSC for two years is also reasonable. For only Rs 999, you can register online for your DSC signature.

We can really issue a DSC in a matter of minutes as opposed to the traditional process of filing a paper application and producing certified documents. The main uses of Class 3 certificates are as follows:

  • e-Tendering
  • e-filing for patents and trademarks
  • e-filing for MCA
  • filing taxes online
  • Registration of LLP
  • e-filing for customs
  • e-Procurement
  • e-Bidding
  • e-Auction
  • filing a GST application

3 Types of Users in Class 3 DSC

1: Individual DSC


There are people who use this kind of DSC. Papers that are submitted electronically have a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) affixed by the authorised individual. It ensures the legitimacy and secrecy of papers submitted electronically. There is a DSC stamp on each document that is posted to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) portal. Online transactions including LLP establishment, income tax e-filing, and business incorporation are all verified using DSC.


The security of the transaction is increased with a digital signature. No unauthorised person may engage in fraudulent transactions. It is simple to track the status of documents with digital signatures. docs delivered quickly

It is entirely legal because it was issued by a certifying organisation that the government recognises. Your digital signature cannot be removed from a document. This signature instantaneously stamps the date and time on any documents it signs. A document that has been digitally signed cannot be altered or copied. Identification details for the signer removing the potential for fraud to be committed by a fake.


You must address every compatibility problem. There are many solutions for compatibility, including newer software and drivers. This signature warns against using unsecure storage facilities and mentions key theft or loss. A standard that will enable these different techniques to work together is increasingly necessary. In this age of fast technological advancement, many of these modern products have a short shelf life. To correctly employ a digital signature, senders and recipients may both need to get digital certificates. To use digital certificates, the sender and recipients must purchase verification software. The primary means of exchange for all businesses is money, which is needed for a digital signature.

2: Organisational DSC


Businesses, non-profit organisations, trusts, and governmental organisations must use the Organizational DSC. It contains information about both the applicant and the organisation, as well as the applicant's name and the name of the organisation. This grants the user's right on behalf of an organisation. A DSC is given in order to approve a signatory of any organisation. The most secure digital signature is class 3, which contains a certificate for both encryption and signing. A signature certificate is used to sign a document, and an encryption certificate is used to encrypt data.


  • Cost-effective: Although digitalization has a price tag, you may eventually find that you are able to save money. Paper documents may be digitally signed.
  • Quick turnaround: Every type of document can be signed using this digital format with just one mouse click. Because these codes allow for fully digital, dynamic approval processes on paper, which are quicker and less expensive
  • Strengthen security: By obtaining a digital signature certificate, you can lessen the possibility of fraud and document tampering and guarantee that signatures are genuine.

    These signatures guarantee a more effective workflow. Document management and tracking are made simpler and faster.
  • Benefits for the Environment:By removing the need for paper and pens, DSC keeps the environment clean.
  • Legal Acceptability: It helps establish credibility that can be used in any court.


Overview :

A class 3 digital signature certificate is an option for any company seeking an import or export licence. A signing authority or a representative has submitted each of these petitions.

Because DSCs are recognised by the legal framework of the DGFT portals, all papers signed using a DSC are given the same legal standing as those that were physically signed. The advantages that the Indian Information Technology Act 2000 bestows upon one are likewise available to them.

only when a signing certificate is present are they issued by the company. It is relevant when DGFT transactions using web browsers require a digital signature in an electronic format.


Faster and Easier Payment With the help of a digital signing certificate, one can complete a deal more rapidly and get funds more swiftly. Additionally, it is possible to streamline the production of legal documents and invoices, which would have slowed down due to ink.

saves time and money.
Rarely, more than one person may need to sign the same document. In the past, these documents would have been sent by courier to a number of people for their signature. DSC makes it simple to submit a document online to many people and obtain their digital signatures.

Enhanced Security
Digital signatures are more secure than traditional pen and paper signatures. Paper and pen signatures can be easily copied. In contrast, a digital signature cannot be altered because it is encrypted.

Anywhere that previously accepted paper and pen signatures now accepts digital signatures. DSC is admissible in every court and government agency.

Documents to Buy DSC Online

  • PAN Card
  • Adhaar card
  • GST Certificate
  • Passport Size Photo

Online Digital Signature Certificate Application: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Speak with our specialists

We will first collect all of your basic information after you contact our specialists, including your name, gender, address, nationality, country, email address, mobile number, and the DSC usage type you are asking.

Personal use, international trade, e-tenders, IT filing, MCA e-filing, GST filing, and other uses are all possible. We'll also assist you in selecting the appropriate class and completing the application.

Step 2: Finish the online paperwork

A PAN card, address confirmation, a passport, and other pertinent documents will all be gathered and submitted for review with the proper attestation.

Step 3: Registering for DSC

After the money has been received and the data has been compared to the PAN card as displayed in the income tax portal, we will confirm your paperwork in two different ways:

video recording You will receive a video link at your registered mobile number and email address, where you must enter your personal information (such as name and DOB) and send it to us.

In response to the SMS that includes the DSC application ID and a mobile number, send your DSC application ID, name, cellphone number, and email address.

We will send your USB token, a physical password-protected device that contains your digital signature, along with your digital signature certificate after verification is finished.

Foreign Attestation for DSC Online Registration Process:

An authorization document must be submitted along with the appropriate company seal and signatory. Following public notarization, the foreign national issues an apostille. If the native country is not a signatory to the Hague convention, contact its consulate.

Renewal of the DSC Signature Certificate

A Request for renewal or update must be submitted to Bizhelp whenever an organization's Digital Signature Certificate expires or if the organisation wishes to apply for DSC Signature Certificate renewal. When you submit a request for a DSC Signature Certificate renewal, our experts will handle it and keep you informed at every stage of the renewal procedure.

Why Bizhelp?

As the top provider of digital signatures, our knowledgeable team has worked with some of the reputable and well-known certifying authorities in India. The following are some of the top reasons to choose Bizhelp for a DSC:

  • Simple, quick, and easy procedure
  • Complete data privacy
  • Free assistance with using USB tokens for electronic filings and accessing them
  • the provision of USB tokens with FIPS-compliant digital signatures
  • The cutting-edge SHA-256 algorithm has been mandated for use in digital signatures by the Indian government.

Contact our knowledgeable team immediately away to get the problems fixed right away. Price for a Class 3 DSC starts at around Rs 999.


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