Copyright Registration

Copyright is property with the rights to literature, theater, music, artwork, sound recordings, etc. Copyright registration grants a group of rights including reproduction rights, public communications, adaptations and translations of works. Copyright registration guarantees a minimum of copyright and author satisfaction with their work, which protects and rewards creativity.

You need to register the copyright to communicate with you publicly, reproduce the rights, adapt and translate the work.

Recently, there has been a huge increase in the value of registered intellectual property in India as awareness of intellectual property law has increased. One important type of intellectual property protection is copyright registration.

Copyright registration is done in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act of 1957. The work of the creator cannot be copied because no one is allowed to use it without the permission of the creator or creator. Authors may charge third party fees for the use or modification of their work. Copyright protection usually lasts for 60 years.

Documents required

To obtain copy registration, the following documents should be submitted:

  • icon Name, address, and nationality of the candidate- Id Proof
  • icon NOC from the publisher if the publisher and the applicant are two different individuals
  • icon Search Certificate from Trademark office if any
  • icon NOC from a person whose photograph appears on the work
  • icon Power of attorney
  • icon 2 Copies of the work (Book / Source code in CD (if Website copyright))
  • icon KYC of author

Copyright Protection Validity

Typically, copyright protection lasts for 60 years. For original works of literature, drama, music and art, 60 years are counted later from the year of the author’s death.

For films, sound recordings, photographs, posthumous publications, anonymous and pseudonymous publications, works of governments and works of international organizations, it is counted 60 years from the date of publication.

Intellectual Property Rights


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