DPIIT Registration ( Startup registration)

The Startup India Program is an initiative of the Indian government aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and creating jobs through the G2B portal. The Government to Business (G2B) portal is a platform where online requests are made to access a number of government business services. The importance of this methodology is to develop a robust system to drive change in the country.

Conditions for obtaining DPIIT registration must be met

  • icon Must not exceed ten years from the date of the constitution.
  • icon It must include companies with limited liability, registered partnerships, or limited liability partnerships.
  • icon Because of the merger, annual revenue is not expected to exceed Rs 100 million for any fiscal year.
  • icon It cannot be formed by splitting up or rebuilding a sustainable business. New creatures must be formed.
  • icon It must have innovative activities, expansion or improvement of products or processes or services, or should be about job creation and wealth creation for the economy.

Benefits and rewards of the registration

The Documents Required Are Relatively Less For Iec Registration. Only A Few Documents Are Required Which Are Listed Below For A Better Scope.

  • icon First and foremost is the tax exemption which any recognised startup can claim.
  • icon There will be lot of income tax benefits for the period of three years.
  • icon Save the money as well as time
  • icon Investment exemptions can be availed.
  • icon Concessions on all the capital gains can be availed.
  • icon Fund by the government to help the startups.
  • icon Self-certification and no inspection for three years

Intellectual Property Rights


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