Terms and Conditions

Here are certain terms of utilization or can say terms and conditions that are required to follow by an individual who wishes to come into an agreement with the SR Group (Biz Help) It's a fundamental to be bound with the terms and conditions as referenced here and if you don’t want to agree with this, you must refrain from the SR Group (Biz Help) website or mobile app or other web access portal.

These terms and conditions are lawful understanding between the SR Group (Biz Help) (a startup consultancy organization enlisted under the Companies act 2013)and the existing clients or proposed customers. All rights relates with modification will be reserved by the company only. If any changes occur then it would be posted into the website or mobile app platform. Client mustgo through with all the terms before came into the contract, if he satisfy then can proceed further. Client has the opportunity to terminate the agreement anytime with proper notice to the company.

Scope of Services

SR Group (Biz Help) offers numerous services to make the startup successful. There are many branches that are open in various states of India and rendering the services.Along with that we have franchisee approach too. Any person can indulge in same business function and deliver the service that belongs with SR Group (Biz Help) brand via franchisee model.


There is one privacy policy of SR Group (Biz Help) for the purpose of notices and information in relation to the services provided by company. If client has some queries regarding privacy policy then can contact us via mail to [email protected] Group (Biz Help) startup.com. Once you accept the terms of use policy, it will be deemed as confirmation to privacy policy itself.

Eligibility to Use

Client must have a business model which can be turned into a fruitful startup. Documentation must be proper to verify the identity and other things.


Please go through with our refund policy for making any request to money back.

Mobile Applications

We have a mobile application to access the SR Group (Biz Help) platform. To use the application, the client must have a smart phone with good network. One feasibility towards assignment is that client can check the live status via app. It means customers can get to know about his assignment status by sitting at home and by click on the stages option of particular activity. He may have knowledge about how much steps totally included, where we are and what’s the next step is in completion of assignment.

Term & Termination

If client wants to terminate his agreement then he can contact us via website portal or can raise the ticket from the mobile application. Our grievance department will scrutinse the assignment code, its payment status and other formalities and after that will terminate the agreement.

Intellectual Property

The content used by SR Group (Biz Help) excluding the content provided by users, is the property of company and have exclusive right over this. No one can use the content features for their consumption purpose without the prior permission of the SR Group (Biz Help) SR Group (Biz Help) trademark is not connected with any product or services other than services in which company dealt. Only SR Group (Biz Help) is the exclusive owner of this brand.

Other intellectual property rights have been taken by company like copyright, trademark etc. under their respective laws. We have not transferred any rights to use to any other person till yet. If any person desires to utilize the content and other brands of SR Group (Biz Help) then he can do by getting permission first from company who is solely owner of all property. No one is allowed to modify the content into other modes of operation like physical or digital copies.

Links to other websites

SR Group (Biz Help) website and mobile app provides certain links that is not belongs to company and which is maintained by third party. The main purpose is to serve all the information to client at one place. Further SR Group (Biz Help) will not be responsible for any information, privacy details, and miscommunication in other sites that is owned by someone else. Here we are not liable directly or indirectly for any loss, danger caused to clients by using such contents or goods or services avBizhelpble any such sites.

We only provide these links of external websites only for the convenience of customers and it would be great if you check all the things before take into the use. You believe on those sites at your own risk. Here we advise you to make proper arrangement for safety and security when you access the other sites.

Limitation of Liability

Here SR Group (Biz Help) will not be liable to you for any damages of any sort at all including whatsoever like directly, indirectly, coincidental, indemnities for loss of data or profits, which may arise from the utilization of the SR Group (Biz Help) platform or services, software and other related information, graphics contained within the SR Group (Biz Help) policy. You will exclusively responsible for this and must have adequate security protection.


SR Group (Biz Help) shall not be liable for any loss occur during the usage of services. The services which are provided will be as per the data avBizhelpble and not affirming you that this cannot hurt you. We don’t provide any kind of warranties, whether express or implied and other confirmation regarding implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement or course of performance. SR Group (Biz Help) Startup Minds India Limited shall not provide any approval with respect to,

  • a).The service will actin uninterrupted way and is secure or avBizhelpbleat any particular time or location,
  • b).Any mistakes or imperfections will be rectified,
  • c).There is no harmful constituents in services,
  • d).The outcomes by utilizing the administration will meet your necessities.

This disclaimer of risk applies to any harm or injury brought about by any failure of performance, exclusion, interference, error, omission, imperfection, delay in activity or transmission, work station worm, communication line failure, robbery, alteration in use of recordsor operation of the service, whether for breach of agreement, tortious conduct, carelessness or some other reason for activity

We make no guarantees of any sort, express or inferred, about the completeness, reliability, suitability, accuracy or avBizhelpbility of content contained on the service for any reason. Any dependence you place on such data is therefore strictly at your own risk. We deny any express or implied guarantee,representation or assurancewith regards to the viability or benefit of theservice or that the activity of our administration will be continuous or mistaken free. We are not accountable for the concerns of any disruptions in the service.


When you visit SR Group (Biz Help) website or mobile application and other electronic medium to contact the SR Group (Biz Help) then it’s implied you agree with the terms & conditions and communicating with the officials of SR Group (Biz Help) . During this if any mishappening occurby loss of any documents or alteration of your data or any material then SR Group (Biz Help) will not be responsible for this. As this is the online platform so best to delete all cookies and other harmful things from your device so that a good relation can be developed without any loss.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The Mobile Application can be access to from all nations around the globe where the nearby innovation permits. Each country has their own laws so here we agree that only Indian laws will apply in all matters relating to the use of any electronic medium of SR Group (Biz Help) whether its Website or Mobile App. You acknowledge and concur that both you and we will submit to the selective purview of the courts of the India in regard of any disagreements emerging out of as well as regarding these terms and conditions of use.

Changes and Updates

The terms and conditions of use and privacy policy may be revised periodically and this will be reflected on portal. You have to visit all over again on website pages to stay update about the policy and their changes. Please note that, in general, we only use your personal information in the manner described in the privacy policy, unless we obtain additional permissions from you regarding such use.


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