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GeM registration enables businesses to participate in government procurement.

GeM registration enables businesses to participate in government procurement.

Unlock the potential of GeM Portal with our comprehensive course.

Unlock the potential of GeM Portal with our comprehensive course.

We offer seamless product uploading service to optimize your visibility.

We offer seamless product uploading service to optimize your visibility.

Boost bids, secure contracts on Government e-Marketplace (GeM).

Boost bids, secure contracts on Government e-Marketplace (GeM).

What GeM

According to General Financial Regulation (GFR) 149 of the Government of India, all central government ministers, all public sector companies, all states / UTs who have signed MoUs with GeM, must procure general goods and services through the GeM portal simply by registering as sellers.

Who can register on GeM?

Any legal entity registered in India can register with GeM as a vendor / service provider. The following are the types of providers / service providers that can register on the GeM portal:

Sole Proprietorship
Partnership companies
Trust / Society
Public Sector (PSU)
Manufacturers (OEM)

Benefits of GeM Registration

x Access to Government Business Opportunities

GeM registration opens doors to a vast marketplace where government organizations regularly post procurement opportunities.

c Increased Visibility for Sellers

Sellers registered on GeM gain visibility among government buyers, potentially leading to increased business opportunities.

s Transparent Procurement Process

GeM ensures transparency in the procurement process, making it easier for sellers to participate and for buyers to evaluate offerings.

c Time and Cost Savings

GeM streamlines the procurement process, reducing paperwork and transaction costs. It also facilitates faster decision-making and order processing.

h Wider Market Reach for Sellers

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can leverage GeM to expand their market reach and access government contracts.

d Efficient and Digital Transactions

GeM promotes digital transactions, reducing the reliance on physical paperwork and making the procurement process more efficient.

v Single Platform for Multiple Goods

GeM is a single platform where a wide range of goods and services are available, providing a one-stop solution for government buyers.

s Compliance and Accountability

GeM ensures that both buyers and sellers adhere to standard processes and compliance requirements.

Documents required

Bizhelp specializes in providing comprehensive consultancy services for the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) portal.

Aadhar Card

We have curated our exclusive courses for GeM Portal.

GST Certificate

We create your bid so it can increase chances to list on top.

Your Photo

We create your bid so it can increase chances to list on top.

PAN Card

We have curated our exclusive courses for GeM Portal.

MSME Certification

We create your bid so it can increase chances to list on top.

Cancelled Cheque

We create your bid so it can increase chances to list on top.

Product & Service Uploading

Every single listing need a special care before it uploads on the GeM portal, if not then it may reject and go against the terms & policy. Our GeM specialist assisting and supporting various organization to get listed and varified the product or service at GeM Portal.

GeM Registration

Begin by registering on the GeM portal as a seller. Provide necessary details and complete the registration process.

Login and Dashboard

Log in to your GeM seller account and access the seller dashboard. Here, you'll find options related to product management.

Product Listing

Navigate to the product listing section. Enter detailed information about each product, including specifications, pricing, and other relevant details. Upload clear images to enhance visibility.

Verification and Approval

Submit the product listings for verification. GeM authorities will review the information. Upon approval, your products will be visible to potential buyers on the GeM platform.

Bid Participation

GeM bid participation is a streamlined process where registered businesses submit proposals for government contracts. By navigating bid listings, submitting well-prepared proposals, and undergoing evaluation, businesses can secure opportunities on the Government e-Marketplace, contributing to fair competition and economic growth.

GeM Registration

Ensure you are a registered user on the GeM portal. If not, complete the registration process, providing necessary details.

Bid Search and Selection

Log in to your GeM account and navigate to the 'Bids' section. Browse available bids based on your business category and interests.

Bid Submission

Select a bid of interest and carefully review the bid document. Prepare and submit your bid as per the specified requirements. Ensure all necessary documents are attached.

Bid Evaluation and Award

GeM authorities evaluate bids based on specified criteria. Successful bidders are notified, and contracts are awarded. Unsuccessful bidders receive feedback for improvement

Our GeM Training Courses

GeM Portal Expert Seller Training Course

The training is designed for anyone interested in becoming an expert on the GeM Portal and its compliance in a straightforward, thorough, and practical manner. It provides a thorough understanding of GeM procurement, compliance, documentation, GFR guidelines, and L1 compression, among many other topics. There are no prerequisites for taking this course. It makes no difference if you have a non-GeM background, are a student, a professional, or a businessperson; this course is meant to boost the value and depth of your professional knowledge.

GeM L1 Comparison course
In This Course you will Learn All About L1 Compression.
Become Bid Expert
In this course you will learn all about Bid Basic to advance.

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What is GeM?

GeM stands for Government e-Marketplace, and it is an online platform initiated by the Government of India to facilitate procurement of goods and services by government organizations. It aims to enhance transparency, efficiency, and speed in public procurement.

Who can register on the GeM portal?

Any vendor or supplier who wants to participate in government procurement can register on the GeM portal. This includes manufacturers, traders, service providers, and startups. Government departments, ministries, public sector undertakings (PSUs), and autonomous bodies can also register as buyers on the platform.

How does the procurement process work on GeM?

The procurement process on GeM involves buyers creating a bid or a direct purchase request, and registered sellers can respond to these opportunities. The process is conducted online, and it includes features such as e-bidding, e-auctions, and reverse auctions. The platform also allows for direct purchases from listed products and services.

What are the benefits of using GeM?

GeM offers several benefits, including transparency, efficiency, and cost savings. It provides a centralized platform for procurement, reducing the time and effort involved in traditional procurement processes. It also aims to promote fair competition among vendors and supports the government's initiatives such as Make in India and Startups.

How can I get support or resolve issues on the GeM portal?

GeM provides various support mechanisms for users. Users can reach out to the GeM helpdesk through the portal for assistance. Additionally, there are user manuals, training resources, and FAQs available on the portal to help users understand and navigate the platform effectively.