How to Search and Filter e-Tenders on the GeM Portal

“Gem Gateway’s e-tenders are easy to use: to narrow your search, use specific keywords and advanced filters; sort by closing date; and save your favorites to stay organized and focused on the best possibilities.”
If you know how to ask questions and sort through information, Gem Gateway's large database of e-tenders will be easy to navigate. Here's how to make it happen:

– Keyword Search: To find important bids, use specific keywords related to your business or the goods or services you offer.


– High level channels: Gem Entryway has advanced dividing options that let you narrow your search by area, division, and closing date.


– Sort by Closing Date: To stay up to date on upcoming closing dates for sensitive items, sort your list items by closing date. In fact, this helps you focus on and plan your posts.


– Save your favorite choices: Gem Entry lets you save offers that you’re interested in. This part is useful for quickly getting in and out of large open doors. Focusing on the best opportunities and increasing your chances of winning can be done by actually looking at and sorting e-tenders.


To find your way around Gem Gateway’s e-tenders easily, use specific keywords and advanced filters to narrow your search. To stay organized, sort tenders by ending date, and save your favorites to keep your eye on the best opportunities and increase your chances of winning bids.

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